What we do

We help provide a sense of financial predictability in the event of a major life change.

We have the experience and understanding to help you get to a better place.

We make children’s well-being our primary objective and use our expertise to ensure their needs are considered in difficult times.

We help you execute a well-informed plan to ensure your wishes for loved ones are carried out.

We serve as a neutral third party for people seeking a reasonable, non-contested solution to their family law issues.


We focus on your future by drawing from our past.

Our clients have told us that as soon as they stepped through our doors they felt the tension and worry of life’s hard decisions begin to wash away. We have spent the past 50 years honing our skills on some of the most difficult and high-profile cases in Colorado.

While some firms have built reputations on aggressive tactics alone, we consider the whole situation and focus on the positive emotional wellbeing of our clients by learning about your needs and desires for the long-term future. We believe that civility and ethical representation go hand in hand and have found an optimistic game plan garners optimal outcomes and leaves all parties involved better for it.



Getting started is easy.

At whatever stage you’re in, we want to make your experience as seamless as possible. Whether you’re interested in taking the first step toward divorce, in need of post-decree representation in a custody or financial dispute or need help with an estate plan, we’re dedicated to an easy and responsive onboarding process so we can help you get back to your life as soon as possible. 

Get started here. We will explain our process and get you taken care of quickly and easily. 


1. Contact us

Either give us a call or send us a message.

2. Learn about your case

One of our veteran paralegals will follow up with you shortly to get some information and set up a time for you to meet with an attorney of your choosing.

3. Consult & Gameplan

We discuss your needs, develop a strategy for your overall case and give you an idea of cost.

4. Constant contact

Our talented staff is proactive and makes sure you are informed and involved throughout the process.

“The only way to describe how I feel about the outcomes of my case is to say, my daughter is safe and growing up in a loving environment now.”


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