Family Law is the Family Business

Whether you’re just visiting our website or are a client of ours, you probably noticed that there are a lot of people at our firm with the last name Hinds. It’s not a coincidence, turns out we’re all related.

The patriarch of the family, Robert T. Hinds, Jr. (Bob), founded Robert T. Hinds Jr., and Associates, P.C. in 1980, but his experience in family law extends all the way back to 1968. The firm became Hinds and Hinds Family Law, P.C. when Robert T. Hinds, III (Rob) became a partner in 2010. Our website URL was chosen before Rob’s partnership, so that’s why you see the sometimes hanging around on our email addresses.

As if two Hinds weren’t enough, Michael P. Hinds (Mike), the firm’s Managing Attorney, joined Hinds and Hinds in 2012. If you’re keeping track, Mike and Rob are brothers and sons of Bob. Mike and Rob also have two non-lawyer brothers in the middle that have, over the last 35 years, filled in as receptionists, clerks, and furniture movers.

Donna Hinds, Bob’s wife and mother of the four brothers is considered among many family practitioners and mental health experts as an integral person in the movement within the legal community to ensure that the needs of the children were brought to the forefront of the dissolution process. Donna was recently honored in June of 2015 with the Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee’s prestigious President’s Award for a “Lifetime of Service Dedicated to Children in Colorado.”

With Bob, Rob, and Mike all working in the office, please forgive us if we ask for clarification when you ask to speak with “Mr. Hinds!”

The Hinds family has been assisting families facing divorce for several decades now in both the legal/policy front and on the mental health side. The picture below is from a Rocky Mountain News article in 1985, just a decade (or three) before Rob and Mike would join the firm.