How Mediation Could Benefit You

In order to avoid costly litigation and complex court hearings, it might be more beneficial to choose mediation for your family legal issue. Mediation is an alternative to litigation, and allows a family or couple to settle their legal issue with the help of a mediation attorney. As an unbiased 3rd party legal aid, your attorney can help resolve family law issues outside of the courtroom, including divorce, child custody, visitation rights, and alimony negotiations.

Choosing to use mediation for your legal dispute can be beneficial in many ways. Find out more about mediation, and discover why it may be a better option than litigation.

1. You Control the Situation

When you choose mediation, all parties involved must agree on the outcome. For example, in a custody case, both parents must agree to the schedule discussed in mediation before it becomes permanent, whereas in court, what the judge rules becomes law with or without the consent of both parties. This rule enables anyone involved in mediation the power to discuss alternative options, working at finding middle ground until everyone is satisfied with the decision. In doing so, each party must make sacrifices in order to gain what they ultimately want.

2. Save Time

When you aren’t involving the court, you get to make mediation dates around your own schedules. This makes it far easier to get everything taken care of in a time frame that works for you. Mediation is also a quicker process than litigation in most situations.

3. Less Stress

Domestic issues that require legal attention are very rarely simple. The sensitive nature of these issues often make them difficult to handle, requiring more negotiation and a longer process before the court. However, when you handle your issue via mediation, you have more freedom to make customized plans that work for you and your family. The process is also quicker, which makes it easier for you and your family to move forward sooner, putting the issue behind you before it has time to get messy.

4. Preservation of Privacy

Litigation is very often a matter of public knowledge. Court hearings and such may be accessed by anyone, making things more difficult on your and your family to handle your legal situation when your private business becomes public. In mediation, everything is confidential and may only be discussed with the involved parties and the mediator.

5. Lower Costs

Due to the lesser amount of time required during mediation, the legal fees are drastically lower. Also, mediation requires only a mediator, rather than a full court. All in all, mediation is almost always more affordable for everyone involved.

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