6 Ways You Can Cut Costs in your Family Law Case

Whether you are getting ready to begin a divorce or need to renegotiate child support, cutting unnecessary expenses for your legal issue can make all the difference. Before you begin, there are a few things you can do to make your case move more smoothly and save you money.

1. Stay Organized

Gather any paperwork you think you will need, and any additional documents your attorney asks for, and keep them well-organized. Make necessary copies, create a filing system, do whatever you can to keep everything as tidy as possible to make finding paperwork more efficient.

2. Communicate Quickly and Clearly

Don’t dawdle, it will cost you extra. Communicate with your attorney as necessary and do what you can to make the emails and phone calls concise and helpful. Focus in on what is legally relevant, and avoid lengthy conversations that won’t help your case, and perhaps aren’t necessary. It could be a good idea to note your questions or concerns and bring them up in one email, or at your next meeting, to save time.

3. Do the Grunt Work

Research before you choose an attorney. Find credible legal help that you can trust with your case, and discuss your situation prior to committing. This is your life and your money, so you want to make sure you are investing in someone you can trust to charge you fairly and represent you well.

4. Utilize Paralegal Help

Most firms will have a paralegal, and paralegals are typically less expensive than an attorney. A paralegal may help with templates of documents or financial issues, and other minor things you may not need to contact your attorney about until they’re more concrete.

5. Choose Your Battles

Not everything warrants an argument. Keep your issues to a minimum, cutting time in court and additional tension between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Instead, focus on the important things that are truly worth it to you, and zero in on those topics when the time comes to avoid a drawn-out battle.

6. Consider Mediation

Mediation could be simpler and quicker than litigation, and is definitely more cost effective. However, this is usually the better option for legal issues that already have some sort of resolution. If you and the other party have agreed on the basics, mediation could be a cost-effective alternative to court.