Moving Forward After a Divorce

After a divorce, we need to find ourselves again. This means doing what it is that makes us happiest. Whether that is getting back into a project or hobby that we know will fulfill us, to trying something brand new and test out if it’s something we’d like to spend time on, it’s imperative to do things that enrich us and keep us active so we don’t find ourselves in a downward spiral. We know it’s a hard time!

Only when you’re ready, start dating again. Otherwise, you’ll be hurting yourself and the other person between both not being emotionally available– and not having spent that time feeling back into yourself and doing what you love.

Tips for moving forward:

  • Revisit your passions and do what you enjoy
  • Try something new, a hobby or activity, or learn a new skill!
  • Take time and care for yourself – your body and mental health
  • Only when you are feeling ready, try the dating world again!

Here are some more tips for moving on to a life that’s healthier after divorce. It takes a little bit of effort, and it starts with you. You got this!