Post-Nuptial Agreements

We understand: finding someone fit for marriage, someone you can actually see yourself spending your life with is an occasion for *joy* and an enormous reason to celebrate. But between wedding planning, not wanting to make it “awkward” or consider the thought of separation to bring into the picture so soon, or if this formal detail did not cross your mind plainly, you may not have solidified a pre-nuptial agreement before you said your vows.

Fret not! You can still draft up an agreement at any time after the marriage has been made official.¬† You’ll want to think about how you’d like assets divided in the case of a dissolution: will gifts from the wedding be divided 50/50, your house value… your debts? What else is in your portfolio of assets, and will you want them protected? It would be best to protect investments that you made before tying the knot. If this is not in agreement in writing now, then you are at risk that they will be divided up in the case of separation.

Give our office a call at (303) 224-9000 to set up an appointment and make the post-nuptial agreement something that you would both be happy with. If it is not set into place now, then you never know when things go downhill — and your assets even moreso.