Why You Should Get a Pre-Nuptial Agreement (and make sure it’s done before the wedding!)

When you’re planning for a wedding, we know there is a lot on your plate, and a lot happening all at once. Pre-nup? Who has time for that when there are dozens of other items on the to-do list?! Also, shouldn’t this be a time for celebration and preparation for the big day (the wedding), instead of a back-and-forth discussion on hard financial elements that include new decision-making? We understand that this takes less precedence in your marital timeline. But it certainly shouldn’t.

Here are some of the reasons couples should consider a pre-nuptial agreement:

  • Make sure your finances are in order.
  • Define how property rights would be handled in the case of a separation
  • Incorporate wills, trusts, and spousal support
  • The agreement can cover a variety of subjects depending on what the couple would like to include.
  • Prevent conflict in the future, since everything has already been agreed upon upfront.

Here at Hinds and Hinds, we can mediate a pre-nuptial agreement that works for both of you. To make it easier, we also have some commonly accepted procedures to make it seamless for you both. It’s what we do!

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