Is it your first time getting started on a family law case? It can be daunting and overwhelming when you haven’t done it before, but we can help make it easier.

Here are some tips for working for a family law attorney:

  1.  Clear communication. This includes your ideal timeline and goals. Making sure you’re on the same page as your attorney is #1.
  2.   Plan your intent for each call and time you meet, or if you have confusion, make sure to think of some questions ahead of time. Ask your paralegal for guidance, too.
  3.   Write it down. It may be easy to lose track of your “homework,” or important dates coming up where you may need to bring a particular item to the office or send a specific email.
  4.   Do your homework and stay organized. Organize your materials in on place, and try to do as much as you can yourself. This will save you time and money from requiring your paralegal/attorney to do it if is can be helped.
With over 200 years of cumulative law experience and paralegals who have worked with us for decades, we can work with all types of clients and you are no exception. Feel free to give us a call at (3030) 224-9000 M-F from 8:30AM-5PM MST or you can set up a virtual consultation with Michael Hinds here via calendly to get started.