What To Keep In Mind Before Facing Divorce

It’s a turning point in your life, and will impact you for life forever — understandably, you may already be feeling so many emotions. But when this is the best path for you to move forward and it has to be done, you have no other choice but to pave the path to your new future.

If your head is spinning from the thought of handling the process of a divorce, we understand, and seek to help make it a little less daunting. Every case is different but there are some suggestions we can make to help diving into the process a little easier:

  • Keep the communication open between your family members, including your spouse. It’s not a good idea to ignore your spouse right before a divorce, as this will make the process more difficult for you both.
  • Gather any important documents — financial investments, assets, proof of income, recent tax return, etc.¬† It may also be a good idea to start a new credit card for your own expenses during the process. It’s time to build credit on your own!
  • Abstain from threatening comments or seeking a divorce until you are actually ready,
  • If you have children, start planning on how to divide their time between the parents and abstain from making private comments, or asking them to choose sides.
  • Seek financial or mental health experts — a financial advisor can be helpful, and so can hiring a therapist. In terms of financial advisors, some may advise to start a new account (before it may get frozen) and document every expenditure during the divorce process. There is also the factor of determining a new post-divorce budget!
  • Communicate with your loved ones and lean into your support network. Now is probably not the best time to pursue dating — taking care of yourself and staying close to home until the proceedings are final is best recommended. Especially if children are involved, where actions may be used against you.
  • Hire a good divorce attorney!

When you are both hoping for a resolution so that you can get on with your lives, being prepared and acting as responsibly as possible during this process is in your best interest.

If you’re new to the process and want to get in touch with us, give us a call at (303) 224-9000 and we can help you begin.