Maximizing Your Spring/Summer Break As A Single Parent

If you’re a single parent, especially newly single, having all the responsibility for entertaining your children can be taxing and overwhelming.

Here are some tips to keep you strong while balancing your other responsibilities as a human! Got to have some balance, planning, support, and creative exploration. But more importantly, you want to HAVE FUN together and make memories.

  1. Plan Ahead.   Did you sign up your child (or children) for any activities this summer? From day camps, special visits to museums or visiting theater/concert events, to getting playdates on the calendar with other parents in advance is a great way to get ahead of making the break exciting and fun!
  2. Get Outside.  From new parks and trying out new leagues where your child can socialize with others, it’s important to let them let their energy loose and run wild, like a wild child! Helping them expend energy and be happy and carefree is part of a safe environment to form core childhood memories. Plus, you can benefit from the fresh breeze and free vitamin D! How about some new games or balls/toys, and a picnic? Just make sure to stay hydrated.
  3. Get Creative.  What are some new things you and your child haven’t done before together yet?  Are there any “moms and tots” classes at the local park district that you can try? Ever tried a treasure hunt or making a map of the neighborhood or of their favorite things that can serve as a keepsake? New art projects to try, or building a new garden in the yard? How about one of those “Local Free Libraries” or food pantries you can build or buy for your front yard, and stock with neat items to give away?
  4. Explore Your Community.  Is there a local parent group or discussion board where there are lists of ideas and things to do locally? A museum you’ve never been to? A play/local theater company to try out? An escape room? Another low-cost option is volunteering or organizing a service project!
  5. Movie Night or Game Night!  This doesn’t have to be a “night at the movies” although that can be super fun, too. It doesn’t have to be a sleepover party with your kids’ friends, either, but you DO need snacks and a good movie or game for this one!! Make sure to have mood lighting and some popcorn. Or a table full of games for a full evening of friendly competition. Fun!
  6. Take a Break (or Two).  It can be challenging handling parenting tasks and planning alone at times, and it’s important to have support from other moms/dads and friends and family. If you are able, hire a babysitter or make a sleepover so you get some YOU time. You can’t pour from an empty cup so it’s critical to take care of your-self, and do things that you want to do and that make you happy. You’ll be more equipped for the parenting challenges to come.

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