America Embraces Prenups: 50% of Adults Open to Signing

According to Axios news, 50% of U.S. adults said they at least somewhat supported the use of prenups — although, only 1 in 5 married couples has a prenuptial agreement, according to a September Harris Poll survey conducted for Axios. Last year, a Harris Poll found 42% of adults support the use of prenuptial agreements.

“A long time ago, I think if you mentioned ‘prenup,’ it [brought] up fears of divorce. Today, it’s more accepted [as] part of the wedding planning process,” says Chang Rickert.

These numbers are growing, and we think it’s a good thing for engaged couples to protect their assets and have a plan. For recently married couples or even couples who have been married a long time, it’s always possible to get a postnuptial agreement into place to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted when it comes to personal finances. You can never be too secure in your own financial protection.

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