Questions to Ask Yourself Post-Divorce – For Healing and Self-Growth

It’s a healing journey to transition from a marriage. It takes grief in the loss of an important relationship, and much reflection and growth to learn to be whole again without this person (or with this person showing up in a different capacity) in our lives.

We can ground into our new reality by reflecting on the past and ourselves. These questions can help us through this time, sitting with and focusing on what feelings and lessons we can take moving forward.

Learning doesn’t take away all the bad and focus on the good; true healing integrates both of these aspects so we can process all that complexity and grief during this transition.










What did you learn the most after your divorce, and what helped the most out of these questions for your personally in your journey?


We know it’s journey, to recover from a divorce, and we are here for you to provide assistance whenever possible and guide you through the process.

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