Child Support & Maintenance

Putting them first. 

In regards to the financial and emotional support of children whose parents are seeking a divorce, Colorado statues attempt to mimic a positive outcome for them as if there were no separation in the first place – and we couldn’t agree more.

Nothing is more important than protecting your children and helping them thrive. During a divorce, this is more true then ever. Our compassionate and experienced family lawyers understand it can be tough getting a divorce with shared children. We want to help ease this process for all involved, which is why we work tirelessly to offer a fair solution. We strive to be your trustworthy legal advocates so you don’t have to tackle the legal system on your own, and we take pride in protecting you and your family during this time. The way we see it, what’s mutually beneficial for both parties seeking legal separation is beneficial for the child’s growth, happiness and future.

“As a single father who signed a divorce agreement unrepresented, I came to Bob Hinds at a lawyer’s recommendation to help try to ‘right a wrong.' From day one, the team went out of their way.”