Monica M. Colvig

Monica M. Colvig

Attorney at Law

Helping you plan for your future.

Monica joined the Hinds and Hinds team in the summer of 2024.

Frank McGuane

Frank McGuane

Of Counsel

Paralegal - Riley DeWaters

Helping you plan for your future.

Frank L. McGuane, Jr. has joined the Firm in an of Counsel role. Frank is a preeminent specialist in the areas of premarital, post-marital and cohabitation agreements.


Legal Receptionist/Clerk

Hinds and Hinds is seeking a full-time Legal Receptionist/Clerk to start immediately.

The compensation package will be commensurate with experience with $18-20/hr and may include Health and Retirement Benefits.

Friendly disposition, good organizational skills, tech savvy, and willingness to assist the Firm’s lawyers, paralegals, and support staff are important. Hinds and Hinds Family law is a boutique style law firm which requires a high degree of professionalism from its employees.

If the candidate is well-suited, this position could evolve into a paralegal and/or office manager role.

There will be some lifting of files and other tasks that may require light physical activity. Our office hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm.

If you have an interest in the legal field and want to work in a well-regarded Firm, this is an excellent opportunity.

Job Type: Full-time, and candidate must be able to commute to our office location in Greenwood Village, CO.

If you’d like to join the Hinds and Hinds team, please say hello and send your résumé to:

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Good planning makes good lives 

A prenuptial agreement – also known as a premarital and antenuptial agreement – is a documented agreement between couples getting married that determines how their finances will be handled during the marriage and if the marriage ends.

Getting a divorce is probably the most financially harmful event someone can go through. However, there are legal mechanisms that will keep the courts from dividing your assets unduly during and after a divorce. One primary method is to execute a well-drafted, articulate prenuptial agreement. While people do not typically plan for divorce along with planning for their wedding, taking proactive steps is highly recommended. With a fair agreement that includes all relevant information on assets, divorce courts commonly accept the marriage agreement you made alongside your lawyer. A postnuptial agreement acts in the same way, except this is executed by couples after marriage.

“Hinds Family Law kept me in check, a point not to be taken lightly when emotions can be volatile.”

About Staff Detail

Michael Hinds


Drew University
University of Denver School of Law


President’s Award
June 2015 – June 2015 – Given together with wife, Donna for a lifetime of service dedicated to children

Icon Award – August 2010 – highest award given to a Colorado family law practitioner

Top 50 Colorado Super Lawyers – 2006

Best Lawyers in America – 1987-2010

Top Attorney in Colorado – 2009

Martindale-Hubble Preeminent Lawyers – 2008, 2009

Richard Doyle Award – 2005 – outstanding leadership in writing and teaching continuing education for Colorado Bar Association

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers – Founding member, past President

Judicial Education Committee

Arapahoe County Bar Association – Past President

Founding Member of Interdisciplinary Committee on Child Custody – Past President

Award for Meritorious Service to the Practice of Family Law – August 2010


American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Arapahoe County Bar Association

Douglas/Elbert County Bar Association

Minori Yasui Inn of Court

Colorado Bar Association – Family Law Section

Metropolitan Denver Interdisciplinary Committee

Robert T. Hinds Jr. is the founder of Hinds and Hinds Family Law, P.C., formerly Robert T. Hinds, Jr. and Associates. Bob was born in Jamaica, New York, and attended Drew University. He relocated to Colorado and graduated from the University of Denver School of Law in 1967, and was admitted to the Colorado Bar in 1968.

Bob distinguished himself as a bright young attorney immediately. He was appointed to serve as a county judge in Jefferson County at the age of 30. He dedicated himself to family law in 1972 and was among the first to specialize in family law in Colorado and has focused on this area of law since. Bob is a highly regarded family law practitioner, lecturing extensively to both lawyers and judges in the field of family law. He has served on committees and has taken leadership roles resulting in the development of many of today’s family law statutes. Until 2007, Bob co-authored the domestic forms that were published for public use.

Bob has been a leader in the family law community for over 40 years, and continues to take on the most challenging and complex domestic cases. In 2010, He was given the prestigious Icon Award from the Colorado Bar Association, an award for significant contribution to the practice and advancement of family law in Colorado.

“The only way to describe how I feel about the outcomes of my case is to say, my daughter is safe and growing up in a loving environment now.”

Grandparent’s Rights

Grandparent Rights

Yes, you have rights too. 

While we can all collectively agree that grandparents are a vital part of a child’s life, you will still need the advocacy of a skilled family lawyer – which is where we come in. 

As a grandparent, you likely feel a significant sense of responsibility, care, and love for your grandchild. In recent years, grandparents’ rights have become far more substantial than they once were. The courts have recognized the irreplaceable role a grandmother or grandfather can play in a child’s life.

Whether your child has divorced from his or her spouse or your grandchild may be facing foster care, the law does not rule out grandparents’ rights. In certain instances, you may be able to legally adopt the child in case of extenuating circumstances. The courts will always prioritize the child’s best interests, and you very well may be a part of that equation. 

“… I feel I parted with less money and secured my children in my life post-divorce, due to Hinds Family Law’s knowledge and skill set.”

Protective Orders

Protective Orders

Keeping you and your family safe. 

Our firm has decades of experience in family law and unique, interdisciplinary backgrounds in social work and child advocacy. As far as you and your family’s safety, this is paramount. 

In terms of family law, a protection order will most likely be needed and obtainable against another individual for acts or behaviors classified as domestic violence. To obtain a restraining order for domestic violence, you must be able to prove that the person committing the acts of violence is someone now or formerly related to you by blood or marriage; someone who is living or formerly lived with you; or someone you once had an intimate relationship with.

There are different kinds of protection orders, or restraining orders, that the state of Colorado may issue depending on the nature and degree of the alleged domestic violence. We are sensitive the emotion being acquiring a protection order, so we handle the logistics while you get back to normalcy. 

“I found the team to be very responsive, returning calls or emails quickly and working my case late into the evenings or weekends when needed.”

Same Sex Divorce

Same Sex Divorce 

LGBT representation in the modern era.

In 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples in all states have a fundamental right to marry under the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses.

Colorado recognizes common law marriages – regardless of gender – which means you may marry your same sex partner and, also, get divorced. We pride ourselves with having knowledgeable staff in this area in order to give you diligent, up-to-date legal counsel and services in this new and evolving area of the law. It is important to have strong, experienced legal representation when dealing with same sex marriage and divorce because though spouses are the same sex, certain issues like custody, adoption and property distribution may need more sophisticated navigation to get you the results you want. 

“I’ve worked with Lucy Denson now on three separate occasions and every time I do I’m so grateful for her advice and expertise.”

Legal Separation

Legal Separation 

Separate from divorce.

Quite often, a legal separation is a good alternative to divorce. It allows for proceedings to be less heated, providing a calm, straightforward pathway for both parties’ futures. 

Sometimes you’ll hear a couple say they are “legally separated.” By this, they usually mean they are no longer living together and are awaiting, or considering, a full divorce. Often, the colloquial use of “legal separation” is not in line with Colorado state law. Legal separation is a similar process to divorce, but can yield significantly different results afterward.

In the state of Colorado, married couples have two choices for parting ways: a decree of dissolution of marriage (divorce) or a decree of legal separation. In both cases, two lives are being separated. Thus, financial assets must be divided, custody arrangements will need to be made, and child and spousal support will need to be established. Some ways that legal separation is different from divorce is the inability to remarry (unless, or until, the decree is converted to one of dissolution of marriage), inability to retain inheritance rights, and other potentially important details for your life. 

“I would recommend [Hinds and Hinds] to anyone that is going through a divorce.”