Parenting Time / Decision Making Authority

We focus on your case, you focus on your kid. 

While you may be concerned about your impending divorce and the effect it will have on your time with your child, enlisting the help of a dynamic, strong-minded family lawyer can help ease your worries.

Parenting time is a major concern for parents in the midst of a divorce. While this is a legitimate worry for many, the state of Colorado is more progressive than most and we know how to leverage the law to get you to a place of assurance when it comes to your child. 

Just as with legal custody, parental responsibility and decision making authority can either be sole or joint (couples are usually awarded with joint decision making). While most people hope to agree on everything regarding their children, it can be very difficult to compromise on matters which you find vitally important. To this issue, we are meticulous and strategic in all of our handlings of parental responsibility cases. We want to make sure your child is in the best possible hands post-divorce.

“Hinds Family Law kept me in check, a point not to be taken lightly when emotions can be volatile.”