Financial Issues Divorcing Women Should Know How to Deal With

It is possible to get through a divorce without a great impact on your finances, only if you educate yourself and take some precautions. We really liked this comprehensive article from Divorce Magazine that is helpful for anyone out there going through the same.

Financial Issues Divorcing Women Should Know How to Deal WithDivorce has a devastating effect not only on your lifestyle but also on your children and family. Divorce can also have a disastrous effect on your finances, especially if you have a family business to share. This could cause financial issues that could put you in debt,

Divorce is an important step in your life and this may leave you overwhelmed and hopeless. There are a lot of aspects you need to take care of, like the property division or children’s custody. But women that get a divorce might face financial issues. And the divorce might leave you more in debt and unhappy.

Financial Issues Divorcing Women Should Know How to Deal With

The Division of Properties and Liabilities

If you do not have a prenuptial agreement, you should know that depending on where you live, you get your assets divided by the laws of the state. Most of the states consider all the things that either spouse acquired during the marriage, marital assets. These can include cars, boats, houses, loans to others, artwork and even stocks. Marriage assets are usually equally divided during a divorce.

The remaining assets, the ones that spouses entered the marriage with, are distributed in an equitable way, which does not necessarily mean “in an equal way”. The decision is up to the court who will consider a lot of details and information when dividing the assets.

An important thing to consider is that in a divorce not only the properties are divided, but also the liabilities. Think about the mortgage on your home, credit cards or loans that you applied for as a couple. It is important to think about these aspects and consider them while discussing the divorce settlement.

Child Support 

One of the most sensitive topics in a divorce is children’s support. Besides the impact that this change will have on their life, parents need to find the best way of taking care of them. The child support will have an important impact on your budget, which can become one of many other financial issues for women who get divorced.

You should know that the court calculates how much you should pay for child support. And you cannot undo this. If the court rules that you have to pay a certain sum of money, you have to.

However, you should keep in mind that the state guidelines when calculating child support take into consideration a few aspects. Among them are your monthly income, the agreement regarding the custody and the number of children.

You need to be prepared to include these monthly costs into your budget. They have a specific end date, but until then you must make monthly payments.

Spouse Support 

Alimony is different from child support because it is about spouses. If the income of one of the spouses is drastically impacted by divorce, the court may rule to pay alimony. Just like child support, spouse support has a specific end date.

This measure is introduced by the court to help the spouse financially recover after divorce. They also need to be incorporated in your budget if the court says so.

However, you should take into consideration the case you receive child support and alimony. You need to carefully analyze your budget and see how you will spend that money. They can be some extra or they can help you cover your monthly expenses.

It is important to set goals in the long-term because all these payments you will receive will stop coming after a specific end date. You need to also plan carefully for that moment to be prepared to avoid huge debts or loans. A good idea will be to find a job you will enjoy and can support your spending behavior.

For example, if you like reading and writing and you have a rich imagination, you should consider being an editor or writer at some dissertation writing services. The feeling that you help the other will nurture more positive emotions which will act as a relief during darker times.

The Adjacent Costs of Divorce

Divorce comes with a financial impact you might not have considered before. For example, you might be needed to pay for a financial consultant that will help you assess the real value of the properties. He can also help you divide all the debts and loans, as well as all marital assets. But you need to pay for these services, and this will add up to the final divorce costs.

Also, each spouse gets an attorney who fights for his client. There are cases when both spouses agree on properties division and everything ends calmly. But there are cases when one spouse does not agree on the custody or division terms, so attorneys can be of real help. Of course, you need to pay for your attorney’s services and the costs for them have been rising year after year.

Take into consideration these adjacent costs divorce will add to your budget and do not let them surprise you. Plan your spending accordingly.

How to Protect Your Finances?

Divorce can have devastating effects on your finances. If you married without a prenuptial agreement, you should know that your next step should be acquiring information. You should be aware of all your marriage assets, loans, debts, mortgages, family business and so on. All of these will be divided. Knowing all this information can help you prepare financially for the next period of your life.

If you have joint bank accounts, close them and open others individually. Keep in mind that all these financial changes will negatively affect your credit score in the short-term. But like this, you make sure that your spouse has not acquired more loans and debts under your name and you can be financially independent.

Do not forget to change the names on the properties and stocks that were divided. Also, change your will, as well as the beneficiary of your insurance policies.


Divorce can have negative consequences on your finances and you should prepare for dealing with them. All your marriage assets, as well as joint loans and credits, will be divided according to the state laws and the decision will be ruled by the court.

If you need to pay for child support or alimony, prepare to include these costs in your monthly budget. Take into consideration the adjacent costs of divorce, like paying for attorney services or for a financial consultant.

It is possible to get through a divorce without a great impact on your finances, only if you educate yourself and take some precautions.