Grandparent Rights

Yes, you have rights too. 

While we can all collectively agree that grandparents are a vital part of a child’s life, you will still need the advocacy of a skilled family lawyer – which is where we come in. 

As a grandparent, you likely feel a significant sense of responsibility, care, and love for your grandchild. In recent years, grandparents’ rights have become far more substantial than they once were. The courts have recognized the irreplaceable role a grandmother or grandfather can play in a child’s life.

Whether your child has divorced from his or her spouse or your grandchild may be facing foster care, the law does not rule out grandparents’ rights. In certain instances, you may be able to legally adopt the child in case of extenuating circumstances. The courts will always prioritize the child’s best interests, and you very well may be a part of that equation. 

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