Property Division 

Paying attention to the details.

We’ve worked on some of the highest asset disputes in Colorado, and how the division of property is set greatly depends upon the acumen of the lawyer working your case. Hinds and Hinds has the scrutiny to get you the best results. 

Even in amicable divorces, property division can be quite a complicated process, requiring your lawyer to be familiar with how property is evaluated, calculated and distributed. While the state of Colorado abides by the principle of “equitable distribution” (meaning property is distributed according to what is “fair,” not necessarily what is equal) Hinds and Hinds is meticulous in our approach in making sure you get what’s right – leaving no assets unchecked. We are particularly accomplished in fact-finding, negotiation and vigorously representing your interests which can make a huge difference in what you gain once everything is settled. 

“It didn’t take long to realize the level of effort and professionalism expressed by the team was like that of no other organization I have ever dealt with.”